Yang,Bao Zhi Violin Concerto:Yangtze River 1st movt[Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Or.:Xiamen Phil. Conductor:Fu,Ren Chang]

Yang,Bao Zhi Violin Concerto:Yangtze River 2nd movt[Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Or.:Xiamen Phil. Conductor:Fu,Ren Chang]

A Newly Arranged《Fisherman’s Evening Song》[Traditional,Arr.by Yang,Bazohi,Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Piano accomp.:Yu,Le]

Song of the Horse-head Rebec & the Bowl Dance[Arr.by Yang,Baozhi,Vln.:Yang,Xiao Yu,Piano accomp.:Yu,Le]

Cherish The Memory Of The Snowcapped Mountain[Arr.by Yang,Bazhi,Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Piano accomp.:Yu,Le]

Moon Reflected On The Second Spring[Orig.by ‘A-Bing the Blinder’,Arr.by Yang,Bazhi,Vln.:Chen,Xiang,Accomp.: Xiamen Phil. Or.Conductor:Fu RenChang]

Moon Shines over Wall Gate in Frontier[Ancient tone,Transc.by Yang,Baozhi]

Two Melodies by Bai Shi Taoist Priest of the Soong Dynasty[Ancient tone,Transc.by Yang,Baozhi(A); (B)]

Joyful Meeting[Orig. folk tone,Arr. by Yang Baozhi,Vln.:Wang WeiZhi,Piano accomp.:Yu Le]

Ambush From All Sides[Trad.Free transcription,by Yang Baozhi,Vln.:Chen Xiang,Accomp.:Xiamen Phil. Or. Conductor: Fu RenChang]

Blue Moon Fantasy[Ballet Music Orig. by He-Zhong,Free transcription by Yang,Baozhi]

Variation on the theme of ‘Kang Ding Love Song ’[Arr.by Yang Baozhi,Vln.:Wang WeiZhi,Or.: Xiamen Phil. Conductor: Fu RenChang]

Alcoholic Maniac(unaccompaniment) Ancient tone[Transc. by Yang Baozhi, Vln.:Chen Xiang]

Recitative in style of Beijing-Opera & Fugue(unaccomp)[Arr.by Yang Baozhi,Vln.:Wang WeiZhi]

The Legend of an Old Man[Arr.by Yang,Baozhi]

The Guangling Legend[Ancient tone, Transc. by Yang,Baozhi]

Five folk melodies from west China

The Crescent Moon Rising[found by Wang,Luobin,Arr.by Yang,Baozhi,Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Piano accomp.:Yu,Le]

Here's A Rose For You[found by Wang,Luobin,Arr.by Yang,Baozhi,Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Piano accomp.:Yu,Le]

My Lover Is Living Far Away[found by Wang,Luobin,Arr.by Yang,Baozhi,Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Piano accomp.:Yu,Le]

A Girl From Da Ban City,Mayila[found by Wang,Luobin,Arr.by Yang,Baozhi,Vln.:Wang,WeiZhi,Piano accomp.:Yu,Le]